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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

“Instagrams that Wound: Punctum, Visual Enthymemes, and the Visual Argumentation of the Transportation Security Administration.” Argumentation and Advocacy 53(4) 2017

“When Good Arguments Do Not Work: Post-Dialectics, Argument Assemblages, and the Networks of Climate Skepticism.” Co-Authored With Nicholas Paliewicz. Argumentation and Advocacy 53(4) 2017

“Thank You for Participating in Security: Engaging Airport Security Checkpoints via Participatory Critical Rhetoric.” Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies 16(6) 2016

“Kaepernick’s Stand: Patriotism, Protest, and Professional Sports.” Co-Authored With Steve Martin. Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric 6(3/4) 2016

“The Re(d)active Force of the Transportation Security Administration.” Criticism 57(2) 2015

“Rhetorical Critic(ism)’s Body: Affect & Fieldwork on a Plane of Immanence.” Co-Authored With Michael K. Middleton, Samantha Senda-Cook, Danielle Endres, and Megan O’Byrne. Southern Journal of Communication 79 (4) 2014

“Fascism & The Classroom.” Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies 8(2) 2012

“Whale Wars and the Axiomatization of Image Events on the Public Screen.” Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture 6(2)

“Commemorating Freedom’s Flight: The Space Shuttle as Partisan Vehicle in Presidential Eulogies.” Co-Authored With Karrin Vasby Anderson. White House Studies 11(2) 2011

Editing Books & Journals

Tracing Rhetoric and Material Life: Ecological Approaches. Co-Edited With Bridie McGreavy, Justine Wells, and Samantha Senda-Cook. Palgrave MacMillian, 2018

Special Issue Editor. “White Supremacy in the Age of Trumpism.” Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric 8(1) (2018).

Chapters in Edited Volumes

“'Arkangel': Postscript on Families of Control” In Terence McSweeney and Stuary Joy’s 
Through the Black Mirror: Deconstructing the Side Effects of the Digital Age.
Palgrave MacMillan, 2019.

“‘Am I Taking Space or Making Space?’: Power, Privilege, and Male Victims of Intimate Partner Violence” InErika Kirby and m. Chad McBride’s Gender Actualized: Cases in Communicatively Constructing Realities. Kendall Hunt, 2019.

“‘What’s the Warts That Could Happen?’ and the Rhetoric of Disgust.” Co-Authored With Jaimee Bodtke. In L. Zhang and C. Carlton's Affect, Emotion, and Rhetorical Persuasion in Mass Communication. Routledge, 2018. 

“John Oliver’s Long Rants: Teaching the Modes of Persuasion in an Online Public Speaking Class.” Co-Authored With Erika Kirby and Jay Leighter. In J. Seiter, J. Peeples, and M. Sanders' Communication in the Classroom: A Collection of GIFTS. Macmillan Learning, 2017.

“Embodying Resistance: A Rhetorical Ecology of the Full Cycle Supper.” Co-Authored with Samantha Senda-Cook.  In Bridie McGreavy, Justine Wells, George F. McHendry, Jr., and Samantha Senda-Cook's Tracing Rhetoric and Material Life: Ecological Approaches. Palgrave MacMillan, 2018.

“Opting (Back) in to Paid Work: A Capitalist, Gendered, Classed, Careerist Analysis.” Co-Authored with Erika Kirba et al. In E. F. Hatfield’s The Balancing Act: Intersections of Work-life Balance in Communication Across Identities, Genders, and Cultures. Lexington Books, 2017

“Finding Fascism in the Comments Section: Online Responses to Viral Videos of the Transportation Security Administration.” In Danielle Sarver Coombs and Simon Collister's Debates for the Digital Age: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Our Online World. Praeger Press, 2015.

“The Attempted Legitimation of the Vigilante Civil Border Patrols, the Militarization of the Mexican-U.S. Border, and the Law of Unintended Consequences” Co-Authored With Marouf Hasain, Jr. In Daniel Robert Dechaine's Border Rhetorics: Charting Enactments of Citizenship and Identity on the U.S.-Mexico Frontier. University of Alabama Press, 2012.